Welcome to the Home Movers website. This site will be your one spot stop to learn about everything you will need to know about moving. From packing your items to hiring movers, we will offer tips and advice on all of these subjects.
Our Testimonials page will feature stories of customer experiences and reviews of the moving companies they have researched and/or done business with. We want to share these stories so that everybody that is going to move soon or planning to move will be able to learn from the success of others experiences and what problems they should  look out for.

We want to hear about your dealings on the phone with companies, having your home inspected by moving companies, prices you have been quoted and for what services.Whether it is a tale of success or frustration, as long as it is related to moving we want to know about it.Our goal will be to have the most comprehensive review site available on the internet.

Your review can be something as short as:

We were moving apartments, so we didn't need a large moving company. My wife and I decided to rent a truck, since all of our stuff could probably fit in one. We called up Jack's Rent-A-Truck and made an appointment to go see their fleet. We told them our situation, and sfter all was said and done we ended up renting a mid-size truck that comfortably held all of our possessions. Jack's Rent-A-Truck was so helpful, we would gladly use them again.