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Where to find Free Moving Boxes

Wednesday, 16 December 2009 13:50 by homemovers

Where to find Free Moving Boxes

Yes, you can buy moving boxes. But why add another expense to your already expensive move? With a little searching and asking around, you should be able to attain some boxes for no cost but your time.

Your first bet is to check locally. You probably have that neighbor that is frequently getting packages from UPS and FedEx. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have any extra-unused boxes they could let you borrow or have. Chances are they will have something you could use. Check with local grocery stores, they usually have a number of boxes out behind the store. Check early because you don’t want to have to argue with the cardboard recyclers for them. Ask at any local shop you believe could have some extra boxes.

And of course in this age, you can check online. You can check out the free ads on sites like craigslist and freecycle. You can put up an ad of your own, requesting extra boxes someone might have. The only cost to you would be going to pick up the boxes. There are also a number of other websites advertising themselves as cardboard box exchange sites. Where you can again post request for used moving boxes.

Then there are the free boxes offered by the U.S. Post Office. They are intended for use by people who need to ship packages, but I’m sure people use them for this purpose as well. So it may be looked down upon, but it is a means to an end.


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