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What to expect from Moving into a Gated Community

Friday, 18 December 2009 10:13 by homemovers

What to expect from Moving into a Gated Community


If you are looking to move into a gated community, you should first do a little research about the area you wish to move to. The benefits of moving to a gated community are the extra privacy you receive by being walled off from the rest of the city. In most cases there is a gate manned by a security guard or just a gate code. All events within the community are pretty much monitored and maintained by the community leaders. The large higher end gated communities may have a pool, park, or other forms of recreation exclusively for its residents. The most basic communities may only have walls around the portion of the city it occupies. And some of those communities may not even be fully enclosed to public access.

 The drawbacks of living in a gated community are the extra cost that comes from having to pay for the added security and just to live in the area. Your expressive freedom may also be suppressed. There will usually be rules to follow, such as what colors you can paint your house, what kind of landscaping you can do, having parties in your home, what kind of decoration you can put on your house, and other such things. And just that general feeling to know that you are being watched.

Keeping these ideas in mind, research what level of community you are interested in and if you would want to live by their rules. And of course visit the area to see how secure it really is, and if you think you would gain anything by paying extra to live there.

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