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Tips on Renting a Storage Unit.

Friday, 23 October 2009 23:00 by homemovers

Whether you live in a house and have too much stuff, you are moving from a house to a smaller house, or you are moving from a house to an apartment at some point you may need to use a storage facility. Perhaps you need a temporary storage area while you move, or just want to get the clutter out of your house. If you can’t bear to get rid of your excess stuff, try out a storage unit. Whatever the case may be you should do some research on your intended storage company.

Find out:

  • What size storage units they have?
  • Are there specialty units, like climate controlled units?
  • What is the monthly cost or lease rate?
  • When can you visit your storage unit?
  • Who can have access to the storage unit?
  • Are there complimentary dollies and hand trucks to use at the storage facility?
  • Do I have to rent a storage unit in advance?
  • Are there mobile units?
  • Do they have an onsite CCTV Camera System? Or other security system?
  • Do they have Security Guards?
  • Find out if there are rule on what kinds of items you can store.

It is in your best interest to properly pack everything you wish to put into a storage unit. Items should be packed securely in boxes as if you were moving. Furniture should be covered with sheets. Electronics should be well padded or stored in the original boxes and packaging. And as a general rule, don’t store anything that will leak, stain items, or become a fire hazard.


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