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Tips on Renting a Moving Truck.

Thursday, 1 October 2009 01:10 by homemovers

Tips on getting a Rental Truck

  • Determine how much stuff you need to move. Truck rental companies often have various sized trucks that are sized by amount of rooms they should be able to hold. Just give the company the details and they will help you pick a truck.
  • Research multiple companies to find the best rates and service plans
  • Decided on how long you will need the truck. When you will need to pick up the truck. Try to reserve a truck in advance.
  • Figure the distance of your trip. Are you going across town or across the state? This can greatly affect your price. Bigger companies will usually have a rental center in other states that you can return the truck to.
  • Keep all of your documents handy when talking to the company. Be ready to show a drivers license and a credit card when you pick up the truck.
  • Find out about rental truck insurance or whether your current house or car insurance covers it.
  • See what moving tools are available for rent. A dolly can always be pretty handy. Or you might need some padded blankets for your furniture.
  • You will probably have to make a deposit on the truck, so be ready for that. And there are usually extra fees on mileage traveled. And always fill up the gas tank before you return the truck, or else you will get hit with another fee.
  • Before you sign for a truck, inspect it yourself. Check for any external and internal damage. Check the level of the gas tank and the mileage. You don’t want to get blamed for any pre-existing conditions on the truck. So once you and the company agree on the truck’s specs, you are free to take it home and start packing.


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