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Tips for moving a Washing Machine to your New Home.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009 04:11 by homemovers

This is just a general overview of the steps to move a washing machine between your old house and your new house. You should check with your appliance company to see if there are any specific guidelines to follow for moving your machine.

The easiest way to move furniture and appliances around is with a dolly. So if you don’t have one or one big enough to an appliance, you should rent one. The next natural step is to unplug the washing machine from the outlet and neatly tie up the cord with rope or a twist tie. The remove the machine from the wall, you will have to disconnect the drain hose. This may still be holding some water, so get a bucket to drain the water into.

Once you have drained any excess water, remove the hose and place it inside the washer for safe keeping. To help prevent scratching, cover the washing machine with towels and/or blankets. Load the washer onto the dolly from the front side of the machine. For added stability, it would be wise to use a tie down to secure the washing machine to the dolly so that it doesn’t fall off.

When it comes time to move the washer, have a couple of people to help you guide the machine out of your house and out to the moving truck, trailer, or whatever you will be using to transport it. Depending on what transportation you are using will determine your best method for loading and unloading the washing machine. When you get to your new place, you will basically do all of the same steps in reverse order. Unload the washing machine, wheel it to the new locations, attach the drain hose, and then plug in the washer.


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