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Tips for hiring movers.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009 22:48 by homemovers

There are a number of shady moving companies out there, so here are a few tips to help you avoid these companies.


  1. Get recommendations from friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc.
  2. Research moving companies through the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association.
  3. Don’t trust over the phone estimates, find a mover that will come inspect your home and see what they have to move.
  4. Get an estimate in writing so either it will be a binding price you pay, or a binding estimate that will not exceed a given amount. This helps to protect you, so movers will not try to charge you extra fees after a move.
  5. Get multiple estimates from the moving companies you are interested in. Then weigh the pros and cons of each company.
  6. Make sure the company you want to use is fully licensed, insured, and can legally transport you items.
  7. Find out what the insurance policy is on lost or broken items.
  8. Determine who is packing the items, you or the movers. Their liability may be affected by it.
  9. Test out any phone numbers a moving company may give you, and look up the addresses of offices to make sure they exist.
  10. The cheapest offer doesn’t mean it’s the best offer.


These are just a few of the ways in which you can protect yourself during a move.


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