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Tips for Preparing Your Computer for a Move

Tuesday, 23 March 2010 15:31 by homemovers

Tips for Preparing Your Computer for a Move

The components that make up a computer are fragile equipment that doesn’t handle jostling and excessive movement well. But if you are moving, there is no choice but to pack up your computer and other peripherals. This mostly refers to the movement of desktop computers, but it can of course be applied to laptops.

Some precautionary measures to take before packing up your computer:

  1. Backup your computer onto external hard drives, CDs, DVDs, flash drives, etc. If not a full disc backup, then at least all of your important files, documents, pictures, and anything else important to you.
  2. Remove any discs from the drives and return them to their respective cases.
  3. If you have the original boxes to your devices, be sure to use them for packing the respective device. If you don’t, then try to find suitable boxes to protect your items. If you cannot find good boxes, you can contact a specialty box store and see if they have a strong box and Styrofoam inserts for computers. The same can be done for monitors.
  4. Unplug your computer and monitors from power before disconnecting the other cables and devices.
  5. You will most likely have to dismantle your computer to some degree. The best case scenario is that you just need to disconnect cables. Be sure to label them, so that you know where it goes when you set up your computer in its new home. Pretty much all new computers have color coded ports, so reconnecting the cables shouldn’t pose any problems. Keep all of the cables together in a box or bag, which is clearly labeled.
  6. Pack up the computer into its box and make sure that it is properly cushioned and insulated by packing material. You do not want the machine to move at all during the move. Do the same for the monitor, printer, scanner, and other peripheral devices. Label all of the boxes as fragile and perhaps a note of what it is in the box.
  7. Your best move would be to take the computer with you in your own car. But if it needs to go on the moving truck, inquire about the moving company’s liability and insurance for damaged items.

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