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The Importance of Moving Boxes

Tuesday, 16 March 2010 14:59 by homemovers

The Importance of Moving Boxes

During a move, cardboard boxes will become your best friend. Well you will become fond of anything you can use for storage and transport. So where do we get these boxes you may ask? There is a variety of ways to get a hold of good sturdy cardboard boxes.


1.)    Checkout the back areas of grocery stores. They usually have cardboard bins you might be able to get a few boxes from. They get money for recycling the cardboard, so you may have to ask permission to get some boxes. Especially if the area is kept locked.

2.)    Restaurants and fast food places could be your next option. They get regular food and product deliveries and build up piles of boxes. Not to become too much of a dumpster diver, but check the dumpster and trash area by local business complexes as well. Their trash may be your treasure.

3.)    Check around your neighborhood. Chances are your neighbors get packages from time to time. And a lot of people keep the boxes in case they need them. So if they have a good collection of boxes, they’ll probably let you have some.

4.)    The local schools should have a good deal of boxes too. The cafeterias alone, amass a huge collection of cardboard boxes. Again if you don’t have business at the school, permissions must be acquired. It depends on the school campus. If it is an open area, you probably can just wander on the lot and get some boxes.

5.)    There is always the option of buying boxes. But that would just add another cost to moving. It is good if you need specific sizes of boxes or consistent quality, but is not as fun as collecting free boxes yourself. It is that sense of accomplishment that comes from making something, rather than buying it.


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