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Projects to do before moving into your new home.

Friday, 9 October 2009 01:50 by homemovers

If you are moving to a new house, you may have some prep work to do. This all depends on your situation and your financial ability. If you are moving to a brand new house, you will probably have very little improvement to do. If you are moving to a new to you house, then you might want to do a little upkeep before you move in.

If you want to replace the flooring or carpeting, this is the time to do it. Do it while there is little to no furniture in the house. If you wait to change or improve the flooring after all your furniture is in place, you will obviously have more work to do later on. All of your furniture will have to be moved out again.

The next best thing to do while you have no furniture is to paint. The walls may have old faded paint, or maybe you just want a different color. Either way a fresh coat of paint doesn’t hurt the appeal of your home. This is a great time to add any Crown Molding and decorations of that nature.

If you haven’t already planned to, get your locks changed or re-keyed. You don’t know how many people have keys to those locks. It is just a good safety measure.

This is a good time for minor construction. If you need to update the electrical wiring, install new outlets, or installing lighting. This is also the time for installing any shelving and organizational fixtures.


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