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Preparing The Contents Of Your Bathroom For a Move

Tuesday, 12 January 2010 22:55 by homemovers

Preparing The Contents Of Your Bathroom For a Move

While packing for a move, you bathroom must be cleaned out and packed away just as the other rooms. Just like the rest of your house, chances are you have accumulated a good collection of items in the bathroom.

A good place to start sorting through would be the medicine cabinet. See what each pill bottle and medicine container is supposed to be and what it contains. Sometimes we make those travel containers a collection of assorted aspirins and medications. Not a wise idea, but people do it. Aside from that, check the conditions of the containers and the expiration dates. If the expiration dates are long past due, the effectiveness of the product may be gone or diminished. If you have any old prescriptions that were never finished, those should be disposed of too. That does not mean washing your old pills down the drain, which is bad for the environment and can potentially poison others. Look up a proper hazardous waste facility to dispose of your old medicines. During the move keep your daily needed medicines with you and pack the rest away.

As for the rest of the stuff in your bathroom, you must also decide what stays and what goes. Space is very important when packing, so you may want to leave that half bottle of shampoo behind. Or maybe you want to take it, it is up to you. If you have any travel containers, it would be a good place to deposit the contents your mostly used larger bottles.

While packing, keep the medicines separate from shampoo and other toiletries. Store bottles upright to help prevent leakage. Pack everything tight, so that it will not move around too much. Make sure to label what is in each box.

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