A look at moving

Moving from a house to an apartment.

Friday, 9 October 2009 22:46 by homemovers

If you ever have to move from a house to an apartment, your big issue will be scaling down all of the possessions you had in your home to the space allotted you in an apartment.

The general rules of moving still apply:

  1. Find out how much space you will have in your new place.
  2. Sort through all of your things into keep, discard, and donate piles.
  3. Sell off stuff you won’t need anymore, like lawnmowers and yard tools.
  4. You will have to learn to strive for maximum density in all of your storage efforts in the apartment. You will most likely need to stack items and hang up stuff where you can.
  5. Keep only the essential furniture that you can use in your new place.
  6. If you can’t bear to get rid of things, you might have to look into renting a storage unit.

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