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How to Help The Kids Pack For a Move

Wednesday, 20 January 2010 23:40 by homemovers

How to Help The Kids Pack For a Move

Moving is a stressful time, and can be especially more of a shock to your children.

Depending on how far you are moving can mean that they are going to leave behind their school, their friends, and the normalcy they have become accustomed to. To help ease their burden, explain what is going on and what they have to look forward to. Next it will be time to help them pack up their rooms.

Assess what is in their room and what packing space you have. Decide if you are taking the furniture or will get new furniture in your new place. Go through your kids’ clothes with them and have them choose what to take with them. It is now a good time to pass on the clothes they have outgrown or just do not ever seem to wear. The same process can be applied to the toys and other items in their rooms. If you have limited storage space, have them choose only enough items that can go into that space. This may be really hard for them, but show them that you are leaving behind items as well. The items you are leaving behind can go towards a yard sale or given to good will.

Get your children somewhat involved in the moving process, so hopefully it will not be as much of a shock to them.


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