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Hire professionals to move your piano

Thursday, 24 September 2009 01:15 by homemovers

Hire professionals to move your piano.


I have been looking for advice on moving a piano on my own, or with friends. But it doesn’t seem to be recommended, unless you are just going to move it to another room in your house. Even then the advice seems to be hire professional movers. Pianos are heavy, but delicate instruments that can be thrown out of tune or heavily damaged by being moved recklessly or incorrectly. Not to mention all the possible mishaps that could occur while the piano is being moved by you and your friends.


If you are moving to a new home and you want to bring your piano, it is recommended to hire a professional piano moving company. Since they specialize in piano moving, they know all of the way to wrap and package the piano.


But like hiring any moving company, do your research on them.

  • Find out their insurance policies on piano damage.
  • What kind of vehicles they use.
  • How they will store your piano.
  • Any partial dismantling they may want to do.
  • Get Estimates.
  • See if they will travel across states, or the country.


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