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Getting Your Adult Children To Move Out of the House

Wednesday, 27 January 2010 14:27 by homemovers

Getting Your Adult Children To Move Out of the House

As cliché as it may sound, there is a time for the baby bird to leave the nest and be out on their own. In our society, this length of time is ever increasing. What is a parent to do? This may very greatly on your culture, living situation, and your relationship with your kids.

Here our some steps for you and your partner to consider:

  1. Determine if your kids could move out and support them selves. Realize that what you kid can probably afford is less comfortable than their current situation living at home. But that is how everyone is supposed to start out, begin with nothing and slowly work his or her way up to something bigger.
  2. If they cannot afford to move out, work out a rent system so that they get used to paying for a living space. Research the current rates for renting a room and charge that, or something less if it is too much for your kid. Hopefully you are not still doing your adult children’s’ laundry, but if you are, it is time to teach them how to do it for them selves. You need to become a parent and a landlord. Set the list of rules for them to follow while they are renting space in your house, but do not try to over parent them.

If you’re kid is used to being babied and waited on, you may have a tougher time of breaking the habit with them. They will have to rush to catch up on the years of self-independence they missed out on. If they are reluctant to move out, analyze their excuses of why they don’t want to move out. Their points may be valid, or they may just be excuses to mooch of you a little longer.

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