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4 creative ways to reuse your boxes after you've moved

Monday, 22 April 2016 16:56 by homemovers

Moving is stressful and in the end you will have boxes everywhere. The rubbish disposal price may be high in your area, and as such you may decide that it’s not worth getting rid of the boxes in that way. This is where the fun comes in, you could store the boxes away, or you could use them in these four creative ways.

1) Arts and Crafts

If you have children, or are an art enthusiast yourself, then you can use the boxes to create some great things.

Use them to store your own belongings or for a present to a friend. You can decorate them in unique creative ways with paints, buttons, lace, ribbons, glue and scissors. Its great fun and will keep you busy from hours!

You could also use them to mount posters on the wall. Using the boxes to give your posters a backing will keep them in place, and reduce the need for mounds of tape and glue.

2) Household

You can use the boxes as storage organizes, instead of spending money on the construction of a system for storage. You can cut them down, if they are very big, and use them to store your seasonal children’s clothes in the cupboard or their toys in their rooms to help reduce the mess; by limiting their access.

Boxes are great to help you deal with leaks from your sink, small gaps in doors or leaks under your car. Put the cardboard in the offending area, use tape to help you seal it up. You could also flatten them on your floor while you are painting a room, in reduce the mess and protect your floors from damage.

3) Games

Believe it or not, cardboard boxes make great toys for your children and pets. Help your children to turn the larger boxes into a puppet theater, a fort in your backyard, play furniture or a costume. You could also use a variety of boxes to create an obstacle course, which is sure to keep them busy for hours.

Cats love cardboard, whether it’s a house for them or a whole one for them to play with. A dog will love to chew on it, or sleep inside it.

4) Gardening

Rather than spending hours pulling weeds out you can try using your boxes to build a weed killer. Flatten the boxes, cutting them so they form a single layered section and place them over the weedy areas of your garden. Then cover the box with mulch and wait until the cardboard heats up and kills the weeds, and their seeds. This may take days, or even weeks, but it will save you time.

These are just a few of the creative ways that you can use cardboard boxes. Don’t see them as a mess, rather look at them as an opportunity waiting to happen.