Welcome to the Home Movers website. This site will be your one spot stop to learn about everything you will need to know about moving. From packing your items to hiring movers, we will offer tips and advice on all of these subjects.
Here at Home Movers, we aim to provide our visitors with information and advice on the moving process. In addition we will provide tips on what to ask for, and look for when hiring a reputable moving company. We will provide our insight on the different aspects of moving, as well as allow our guest to offer up their tips, advice, and experiences with moving companies. Our topics will range from the most common scenarios to specific questions you might have. Feel free to send us your thoughts and comments.
Some of our topics will include:

1.) Things you can do to prepare for a move.
2.) How to pack specific items such as, televisions,glassware,and other breakable items.
3.) Packing books and heavy items.
4.) Moving yourself vs. Hiring a Moving Company
5.) Tips for renting a Moving. Truck.
6.) Tips on sorting your items, having yard sales, and other methods to scale down your possessions.
7.) How to prepare your pets for a move.
8.) Moving from a big house to a smaller house.
9.) Moving from a house to an apartment.
10.)Determining if you really need an item.